• Coaching facilities:

    Coaching in Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Athletic, Cricket, Basketball, Table Tennis, Weight Lifting, Judo, Gymnastic, Boxing, Badminton, Kho-kho, Kabaddi, Handball, Wrestling, Skiing, Yoga, Ball Badminton, Thang-Ta, Wushu, Swimming, Fencing & Netball to student and non-student youth (boys & girls) have been provided during the year under report through 81 Coaches/Instructors of Sports Council & Sports Authority of India in 9 District Coaching Centres. About 26000 sportspersons in 24 disciplines are receiving coaching every year.

  • Organization of Residential Coaching Camps for State teams:

    Residential Coaching Camps for State teams in preparation for participation in Zonal/National level competitions in various sports disciplines in Sub Junior, Junior & Senior categories for the duration of maximum 21 days in each category of respective sports disciplines are being organized at capital cities. Their transportation, boarding & lodging, refreshment facilities was provided by the Sports Council.

  • Performance of State teams in National/Zonal Competitions:

    The Sports Council is providing infrastructural and financial support to recognized Sports Associations for carrying out domestic activities at District & State level and raising of State teams for representing the State in Zonal/National level competitions. The activities carried out by the Sports Associations paid rich dividends as sportspersons of the State showed ascending progress. The details of medals earned by State teams in National/Zonal competitions from 1959-60 to 2011-12 and current financial year 2012-13 are as under:-

    1959-60 to 2011-12
    (upto Dec 2012)
  • Hosting of National/Zonal Competitions:

    The Council is providing matching financial assistance to recognized State Sports Associations for hosting of Zonal/National level championships in the State on rotation basis as a platform for raising the standard of sports & performance of players.

  • Participation in International Competitions:

    The Sports Council is providing financial support to State subjects for representing Country in International competitions as per its norms subject to the condition that the teams are cleared on no cost basis by Govt of India/Indian Olympic Association or Sports Authority of India (SAI).

  • Incentives to Outstanding Sportspersons:

    Under appointment of outstanding Sports persons Rules, 1998, (SRO-349) 25 posts of non-gazetted cadre are reserved per calendar year for appointment of outstanding Sports persons who represent the Country in International competitions or earn medal in Senior National level Championships. Grant of advance increments are also available to in service Sports persons having sports achievements provided he/she has not taken benefit earlier under sports quota. The Govt is providing jobs annually under said SRO right from 1992 against the direct recruitment quota on calendar year basis.

    In terms of the Reservation Rules in vogue (SRO -126 of 1994), candidates seeking admission to graduate Medical, Engineering, Agricultural, Vetenary, Forestry and B. Ed. Courses under Sports category are given 2% reservation in all selections made in the Government run institutions. For Post Graduate Medical and Agricultural Courses. The sports category candidates are given 1% reservation. Every year outstanding sportspersons having representation at National or International level are getting berths/seats under sports quota in various professional courses.

  • State Awards to Outstanding Sportspersons:

    The Sports Council is annually recommending panel of outstanding Sportspersons for State Awards under Government order No: 1268-GAD of 2003 dt: 26-9-2003. The award which carries a cash award of Rs. 51,000/- a medal and a citation is announced on Republic Day Celebration.

  • Sher-i-Kashmir Sports & Other Awards:

    Sher-i-Kashmir Sports Awards were introduced in the year 1980 primarily to provide avenues for the outstanding sportspersons to participate at International levels & to prove their mettle. The purpose is also to help in improving the standard of games & sports in the State, to provide overall participation of the Youth at the Sports & Games for eventual promotion of standard & to mitigate the suffering caused due to hardships encountered during preparation. The Sher-i-Kashmir Sports Awards are also the expression of appreciation & gratitude of the State to the outstanding sportspersons for bringing laurels for the State & for holding aloft the Country flag in the field of International Sports. At the end of the hard & long tunnel of fiercely competitive sports world, the Sher-i-Kashmir Sports Awards offer some light and glory to the outstanding sportspersons they can bask under.

    The scheme of Sher-i-Kashmir Sports Award since its inception back in 1978 were first conferred to outstanding sportspersons & other officials on 26th Jan 1980. Thereafter the Awards were conferred regularly upto the year 1998-90 & last investiture ceremony was held on 9th Sept 1991 at Jammu. Due to turmoil in the State, the conferment of Awards could not in take place

    Subsequently the Council Award Rules were modified in 1994 & last revision took place in 2002 as per the decision taken by the Standing Committee at its 119th meeting held on 06.04.2002 and new Scheme for conferment of following categories of Awards were adopted which includes Sher-i-Kashmir Sports Awards for outstanding sportspersons:-

    • Sher-i-Kashmir Award & Medal:

      These awards are presented to the 10 State Subjects in a financial year who have participated in the International Competitions in games & Sports recognized by International/Asian Federations/GOI/Boards. It carries a cash prize ranging from Rs 20,000/- to Rs 30,000/- per head.

    • Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award & Medal:

      This Award is presented to the best State Sports Associations and two veterans/experienced sportspersons/organizers carrying cash prize of Rs 20,000/- per head.

    • Parshuram Award & Medal:

      This Award is conferred to 3 best Coaches in different disciplines approved by the Sports Council in a financial year carries cash prize of Rs 20,000/- per head.

    • Brig Rajinder Singh Award & Medal for Men:

      This Award is presented to 15 men getting one of the first three positions in the National Championships organized in recognized disciplines under Mini/Sub Jr. Junior & Senior category & carries a cash prize of Rs 15,000/- per head.

    • Madr-i-Meharban Award & Medal for Women:

      This Award is presented to 15 sportswomen getting one of the first three positions in the National Championships organized in recognized disciplines for women under Mini/Sub Jr. Junior & Senior category & carries a cash prize of Rs 15,000/- per head.

    • Chief Minister’s Gold Rolling Trophy:

      This trophy (Replica) is presented to one best recognized State Sports Associations of the J&K State for having organized its activities at different District of the State & participated in large number of recognized competitions outside the State with medals.

  • Conduct of domestic activities & deployment of teams by State Sports Associations:

    The Domestic level competitions viz District & State Level activities are regularly carried out by recognized State Sports Associations through their affiliated districts units/clubs in various sports disciplines in which mass sportspersons from various Districts of the State are participating. The competitions were conducted in sub Jr., Junior & Senior age groups both for boys & girls as per the norms of National sports Federations. The Sports Council is providing grant-in-aid to recognized State Sports Associations for holding the domestic activities in the State in addition to the infra-structure facilities & expertise. Besides financial support for deployment of teams for various Zonal/National level competitions held outside the State is regularly being provided .

  • Organization of Ski Courses at Gulmarg:

    The Sports Council is annually organizing Ski course (Basic, Intermediate & Advance) for students and non-students youth at Gulmarg to train the budding youth to compete at Domestic & National level adventure sports activities.