Technical Education Orders


  1.  Appointment of Enquiry Officer- Government Order No. 11-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 19.01.2016.

  2. Suspension of Sh. Vivek Sharma I/C Principal, Government Polytechnic, Samba-Government Order No. 13-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 20.01.2016.

  3. Permission for conducting of Industrial/Education Tour of 36 students of 3rd and 5th Semester of Computer Engineering Department of Polytechnic College, Jammu--Government Order No. 18-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 29.01.2016.

  4. Transfer and Posting-Government Order No. 28-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 08.02.2016.

  5. Completion of probation period-confirmation thereof- Government Order No. 53-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 02.03.2016.

  6. Transfer and Posting- Government Order No. 58-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 09.03.2016.

  7. Placement of Lecturer-I (Non-Technical) as I/C Training and Placement Officer (TPO) in Government Polytechnics-Government Order No. 59-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 09.03.2016.

  8. Transfers and Posting-Government Order No. 74-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 24.03.2016.

  9. Transfer and Posting-Government Order No. 78-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 28.03.2016.

  10. Government Order No. 83-Edu(Tech) of 2015 dated 31.03.2016.

  11. Government Order No. 84-Edu(Tech) of 2015 dated 31.03.2016

  12. Transfer and Posting- Government Order No. 96-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 27.04.2016.

  13. Transfer and Posting-Government Order No. 97-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 27.04.2016

  14. Placement of Lecturer Grade-I (Non-Technical) in the Pay Scale of 9300-34800 and PB2-5200 in favour of Sh. Sheikh Sajad-Government Order No. 98-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 27.04.2016.

  15. Transfer and Posting- Government Order No. 103-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 28.04.2016.

  16. Transfer and Posting- Government Order No. 109-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 11.05.2016.

  17. Constitution of State Level/Divisional Level Purchase Committee for Technical Education Department for the year 2016-17-- Government Order No. 117-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 23.05.2016.

  18. Transfers and Posting- Government Order No. 118-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 23.05.2016.

  19. Cancellation of appointment order of Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Malik, Lecturer Grade-I, Civil Engineering in Government Polytechnic, Kishtwar- Government Order No. 120-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 24.05.2016.

  20. Completion of probation period-confirmation thereof--Government Order No. 122-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 25.05.2016.

  21. Transfer and Posting--Government Order No. 127-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 03.06.2016.

  22. Transfer and Posting- Government Order No. 130-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 06.06.2016.

  23. Transfer and Posting- Government Order No. 135-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 16.06.2016.

  24. Transfer and Posting-Government Order No. 136-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 17.06.2016

  25. Additional charges of various ITIs of the J&K State to the officers of Technical Education Department--Government Order No. 137-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 18.06.2016

  26. Strengthening the Civil Engineering Wing in Directorate of Technical Education Department J&K--Government Order No. 139-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 24.06.2016.

  27. Transfer and Posting--Government Order No. 140-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 27.06.2016.

  28. Completion of Probation period-confirmation thereof--Government Order No. 153-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 30.06.2016.

  29. Transfer and Posting--Government Order No. 160-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated  28.07.2016.

  30. Transfer and Posting-- Government Order No. 161-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 28.07.2016.

  31. Temporary appointment of Smt. Rani Devi widow of Late Sh. Chaman Lal R/o Udhaywala, Tehsil and District Jammu under SRO-43 of 1994. Government Order No. 163-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 01.08.2016.

  32. Transfer and Posting-Government Order No. 164-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 02.08.2016.

  33. Extension in terms of Committees. Government Order No. 169-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 09.08.2016.

  34. Transfer and Posting-Government Order No. 179-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 07-09-2016.

  35. Transfer and Posting-Government Order No. 186-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 21.09.2016.

  36. Grant of 21 days Earned Leave in favour of Sh. Mubashir Hafiz Jan, Inspector of Trainings, Directorate of Technical Education. Government Order NO. 235-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated 13.12.2016.

  37. Regularization of Adhoc/Contractual and Consolidated Employees. Government Order No. 05-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 09.01.2017.

  38. Re-instatement of Mr. Farooq Ahmad Wani, I/C Senior Assistant, ITI Srinagar. Government Order No. 10-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 12.01.2017.

  39. Regularization of Adhoc/Contractual and Consolidated employees. Government Order No. 13-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 16.01.2017.

  40. Transfer and Posting-Government Order No.14-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 17.01.2017.

  41. Grant of Study Leave in favour of Smt. Shafaqat Ara I/C Principal Government Polytechnic for Women, Srinagar- Government Order No. 15-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 17.01.2017.

  42. Regularization of Adhoc/Contractual and Consolidate Employees. Government Order No. 27-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 06.03.2017.

  43. Regularization of Adhoc/Contractual and Consolidate Employees. Government Order No. 35-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 30.03.2017.

  44. Compassionate Appointment of Ms. Farzana Ayoub D/o deceased Neelofar Jan R/o Baghat Kanipora, Budgm under SRO-43 of 1994.

  45. Govt. order No. 99-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 12.09.2017 (Nomination of First Appellate Authority and APIO's in Tech. Edu. Dept)

  46. Govt. Order No. 127-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 18.12.2017 (Regularization of AdhocContractual and Consolidated employee of Technical Education.)

  47. Govt. Order No. 128-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 18.12.2017 (Contempt No. 1002012 arising out of SWP No. 4=8402007 titled Mtr. Shakeela Riyaz Matoo Vs State and others.)

  48. Budget Session.

  49. Govt. order No. 129-Edu(Tech) of 2017 dated 27.12.2017 (Regularization of AdhocContractual and consolidated employee of Technicla Education)

  50. Govt. order No. 02-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 09.01.2018 (Nomination of First Appellate Authority in Technical Education Department).

  51. Govt. order No. 03-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 12.01.2018 (Release of salary for the month of August and September, 2017)

  52. Demands for Grants (Circular)

  53. Govt. order No. 04-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 12.01.2018 (Release of revalidated amount under the CSS Vocational Training Improvement Project (VTIP))

  54. Govt. order No. 05-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 15.01.2018 (Transfer and posting).

  55. Govt. order No. 06-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 18.01.2018 (Transfer and posting).

  56. Govt. order No. 07-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 18.01.2018 (Visit of officers of Technical Education Department to Punjab, Maharashtra and Delhi).

  57. Govt. order No. 08-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 19.01.2018 (Advance Drawal of Gran-in aid for the year 2017-18 )

  58. Govt. order No. 11-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 07.02.2018 (Release of Revised Estimates for the financial year 2017-18)

  59. Govt. order No. 12-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 07.02.2018 (Release of Revised Estimates under Major Head 2071-pension .)

  60. Govt. order No. 12-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 07.02.2018 (Release of Revised Estimates under Major Head 2071-pension .)

  61. Govt. order No. 18-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 15.02.2018 (Rationalization of posts of HODs in Government Polytechnics of J&K)

  62. Govt. order No. 19-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 16.02.2018 (Constitution of Committee)

  63. Govt. order No. 25-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 06.03.2018 (Education Tour outside State for the 5th Semester Students of Automobile Engineering Department).

  64. Govt. order No. 27-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 07.03.2018 (Transfer and posting).

  65. Govt. order No. 28-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 08.03.2018 ( Transfer and posting)

  66. Govt. order No. 29-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 08.03.2018 ( Release and Advance Drawal of funds under Revised Estimates of Capital Expenditure budget 2017-18))

  67. Govt. order No. 30-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 12.03.2018 (Transfer and Posting)

  68. Govt. order No. 32-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 16.03.2018 (Acceptance of Technical resignation of Sh. Harpeet Singh, Superintendent, ITI)

  69. Govt. order No. 34-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 19.03.2018 (Grant of Cash-in-lieu of leave salary)

  70. Govt. order No. 35-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 22.03.2018 (Release of funds under Major Head 2071-pension and other Retirment Benefits )

  71. Govt. order No. 36-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 22.03.2018 (Release of funds for the financial year 2018-19).

  72. Govt. order No. 37-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 22.03.2018 (Release of funds (G.I.A).

  73. Govt. order No. 42-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 27.03.2018 ( Regularization of AdhocContractual and Consolidated employee )

  74. Govt. order No. 45-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 28.03.2018 (Voluntary retirement of Syed Mohammad Taha Andrabi, Ic Joint Director.)

  75. Govt. order No. 48-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 16.04.2018 (Attachment of Mr. Sheikh Sajad Ahmad Ic lecturer-I, medial Lab Technology)

  76. Govt. order No. 49-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 17.04.2018 (Transfer and posting)

  77. Govt. order No. 62-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 16.05.2018 (Filling up of the post of Joint Director)

  78. Circular No. 03-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 02.07.2017 (Tentative Seniority List of Lecturer-I&II)

  79. Govt. Order No. 52-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 20.04.2018 (Grant of refundab le FP Advance in favour of Smt Shabnam Shah Kamil, Director Tedh. Edu Dept.).

  80. Govt. Order No. 53-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 20.04.2018 (Transfer and posting).

  81. Govt. Order No. 54-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 24.04.2018 (Transfer and posting)

  82. Govt. Order No. 55-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 24.04.2018 (Transfer and posting).

  83. Govt. Order No. 56-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 26.04.2018 (Repatriation of Sh Suresh Kumar Sharma Librarian, Skill Development Mission, J&K, Jammu.).

  84. Govt. Order No. 57-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 26.04.2018 Constitution of committee to examine study leave cases of Teh. Edu. Department.).

  85. Govt. Order No. 58-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 09.05.2018 (Assigning the charge of Government Polytechnic, Pulwama.)

  86. Govt. Order No. 59-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 09.05.2018 (Transfer and posting).

  87. Govt. Order No. 60-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 09.05.2018 (Nomination of Ist Appellate Authority in Tech. Edu. Department).

  88. Govt. Order No. 61-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 11.05.2018 (Regular engagment of casual and other workers).

  89. Govt. Order No. 62-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 16.05.2018 (Filling up of the post of Joint Director).

  90. Govt. Order No. 63-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 16.05.2018 (Deputation).

  91. Govt. Order No. 64-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 09.05.2018 (Transfer and posting).

  92. Govt. Order No. 65-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 18.05.2018 (Transfer and posting).

  93. Govt. Order No. 66-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 24.05.2018 (Transfer and posting).

  94. Govt. Order No. 67-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 04.06.2018 (Guidelines for opening of New Private ITIs and additional units in existing Private ITIs).

  95. Govt. Order No. 68-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 04.06.2018 (Constitution of committees for verification of infrastructure in Private ITIs).

  96. Govt. Order No. 69-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 05.06.2018 (Transfer and posting).

  97. Govt. Order No. 70-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 18.06.2018 (Medical Re-imbursement claim of Sh. Farooq Ahmad Teli, Sr. Assistant Dte of Tech. Edu).

  98. Govt. Order No. 71-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 18.06.2018 (Attachment of Sh Nazir Ahmad, Vocational Instructor).

  99. Govt. Order No. 72-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 19.06.2018 (Grant of charge allowance in faour of Mtr. Shazada Aziz ).

  100. Govt. Order No. 73-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 19.06.2018 (Industrial visit of 6th semester students of Govt. Polytechnic for women, Jammu).

  101. Govt. Order No. 74-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 05.06.2018 (Placement of Sh. Sheeraz Bashir, Lecturer Grade-II, Leather Technology Engineering as Ic Lecturer Grade-I).

  102. Govt. Order No. 75-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 26.06.2018 (Release and advanced drawl of grant in aid).

  103. Govt. Order No. 76-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 27.06.2018 (Constitute of State level Divisional level Purchase committee for Directorate of Tech. Edu). 

  104. Govt. Order No. 77-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 03.07.2018 (Cancellation of attachment of officers officials).

  105. Govt. Order No. 78-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 03.07.2018 (Release of funds under Capex Budget 2018-19).

  106. Govt. Order No. 79-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 04.07.2018 (Constitution of Departmental Enquiry Committee).

  107. Govt. Order No. 80-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 06.07.2018 (Release and advance drawl of grant-in aid).

  108. Govt. Order No. 81-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 06.07.2018 (Sanction for utilization of advance drawal parked under Major Head 8443).

  109. Govt. Order No. 82-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 11.07.2018 (Resignation of Ms Mehnaza Akther, Lecturer Grade-I, Civil Engineering, Govt. Polytechnic, Kulgam.).

  110. Govt. Order No. 83-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 12.07.2018 (Deputation sanction of officers to New Delhi.).

  111. Govt. Order No. 84-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 17.07.2018 (Grant of refundable G.P Fund Advance in favour of Smt Shabham Shak Kamil,.).

  112. Govt. Order No. 85-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 18.07.2018 (Deputation sanction of officer to New Delhi).

  113. Govt. Order No. 86-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 19.07.2018 (Deputation of Mission Director, J&KSkill Development Mission).

  114. Govt. Order No. 87-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 19.07.2018 (Filling up of post of Joint Director Deputy Director).

  115. Govt. Order No. 89-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 24.07.2018 (Re-constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, State Board of Technical Education).

  116. Govt. Order No. 90-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 24.07.2018 (Regularization of Adhoc Contractual and consolidated employee of Technical Education Department.)

  117. Government Order No. 91- Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 01.08.2018 (Swp No. 2962017 titled Ishrat Ahmad Zargar & Ors Vs State of J&K & ors).

  118. Govt. Order No. 92-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 02.08.2018 (Establishment of working GroupCell for improving governance and delivery of Devleopment from outlay to outcomes.)

  119. Govt. Order No. 93-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 03.08.2018 (Constitution of Monitoring Committee for implementation of Pradhan Manri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) 2.0 Scheme.)

  120. Govt. Order No. 95-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 07.08.2018 (Admission for various courses for ITIs of J&K..).

  121. Govt. Order No. 96-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 07.08.2018 (Extension in terms of Committees.)

  122. Govt. Order No. 98-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dated 08.08.2018 ( Release & Advance drawal for construction of State Board of Technical Edu. office building at Srinagar.).

  123. Govt. order No. 99-Edu(YSS) of 2018 dt. 08.08.2018 (Holding of Departmental promotion Committee Meeting)

  124. Govt. order No. 100-Edu(YSS) of 2018 dt. 10.08.2018 (Release of funds under Sports for peace and Development vertical of Khelo India Schme 2018-19).

  125. Govt. order No. 101-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dt. 27.08.2018 (Deployment of Staff with the Administrative Department).

  126. Govt. order No. 102-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dt. 31.08.2018 (Constitution of Departmental Promotion Committees for ITI Sector).

  127. Govt. order No. 103-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dt. 05.09.2018 (SWP No. 1832016 titled Nazar-ul-Islam & Ors Vs State of J&K & Ors)

  128. Govt. order No. 104-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dt. 07.09.2018 (Deputation of vocational instructor workshop attendant).

  129. Govt. order No. 105-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dt. 11.09.2018 (OWP No. 7112016, titled Farooq Hussain Vs State of J&K).

  130. Govt. order No. 106-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dt. 14.09.2018 (Consideration of Hon'ble High Court order dt. 15.11.2017 in Gul Irfan Hakak Vs State & Ors).

  131. Govt. order No. 107-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dt. 04.10.2018 (SWP No. 17512011 titled Firdous Ahmad Yatoo Vs State & Ors.).

  132. Govt. order No. 108-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dt. 05.10.2018 (Delegation of Administrative financial Powers).

  133. Govt. order No. 109-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dt. 09.10.2018 (Release of funds (G.I.A) in favour of Secretary, J&K State Board of Technical Education for the Financial year 2018-19).

  134. Govt. order No. 110-Edu(Tech) of 2018 dt. 11.10.2018 (CII-Train the Trainer Program for ITI Principals & Faculty; 11th October 2018, Chandigarh, permission thereof.).